SPANGEO I : 2005 - 2008
Spatial Networks in Geography

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The present project aims at designing and developing operational methods to model and represent multilevel spatial networks in a way adapted for geographical purposes. A first collaboration between UMR ESPACE, LIRMM and University of Montreal (on multilevel representation of the air passenger traffic worldwide network) has produced a very significant contribution to model and visualize spatial networks (Amiel et al., 2005 http://mappemonde.mgm.fr/num7/articles/art05302.html). However, many aspects have to be carefully re-examined and developed before proposing the existing methodological tool to the community of researchers in geography. The method for constructing multilevel graphs must be adapted and looked at in deeper details for various geographical problems (valuated, weighted or directed graphs, hypergraphs). The construction by Amiel et al. partly involved a statistics computed from the network topology and related to the theory of small world networks. This first attempt must be confronted with various centrality measures as alternative candidates for the construction of a multilevel representation of spatial networks.

Concepts: spatial interaction ; Network ; Flow ; Graph ; Distance ; Connectivity ; Hierarchy ; centrality ; Polarisation ; Theories of spatial analysis



  • ANR (French National Research Agency)
  • ERG S4

Application developed during the project:






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