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Agent Based 
Spatial Simulation

International Workshop
    24-25 November 2008    

ISC-PIF, Paris, France





First Day


Philippe Mathieu, LIFL, FR: New approaches for Situated Agent Systems


 Valery Leonidovich Makarov, Albert Bakhtizn & V.A. Zhitkov, RU: Agent-based model for traffic jams in Moscow


Fabrice Marchal & Wisinee Wisetjindawat, FR/JP: Large-scale MAS of urban citizens -  preliminary results from the application of MATSIM to Lyon : Part 1 - Part 2


Nicolas Marilleau & al., FR: Toward geographic agents: the MIRO project


Franziska Klügl & Guido Rindsfüser, SE/CH : Agent-based route (and mode) choice simulation in real-world networks


Arnaud Banos & Cyrille Genre-Grandpierre, FR: Slowing down urban networks with agents


Sylvain Lassarre, Michel Roussignol & Antoine Tordeux FR: Macroscopic stability study by simulation and statistical estimation of the parameters of a microscopic car-following model based on the regulation of performance and safety


Didier Josselin, Christophe Lang & Nicolas Marilleau, Fr: Modelling dynamic demand responsive transport using an  agent based spatial representation 


Cyrille Bertelle, Antoine Dutot, Michel Nabaa & Damien Olivier, FR: Spatial detection of organization under evacuation situation


Eric Maillé & Bernard Espinasse, Fr: MICROPOLIS An agent based model to simulate scattered urbanisation dynamic for forest fire risk management planning : Part 1 - Part 2


Andrew Crooks & Andrew Hudson-Smith, UK: Techniques and tools for three dimensional visualisation and communication of spatial agent-based models



 Second Day 


Volker Grimm, UFZ, DE: Individual-based models in ecology : Part 1 - Part 2


 Vincent Laperrière, FR: Modelling plague epidemics: structural validation of an Individual-Based Model


Nicolas Becu, FR: Coupling environmental and social processes to simulate the spatial dynamics of a cultivated Sudanese savannah and its evolution for the next generation


Nick Gotts & J. Gary Polhill, UK: Handling Space and Time in an Ontology-Based Integrated Action Modelling Arena


Alexandre Muzy, Xiaolin Hu & Juan de Lara, FR/US/ES: A visual and formal framework for modeling and simulation of agent-based systems


Thibaud Brocard, Fabrice Bouquet, Alain Giorgetti & Christophe Lang, FR: Agent based modelling of complex systems with AML and the situation calculus


Wilbert Grevers & Anne van der Veen, NL: The population as a representative consumer in the Alonso model 


Charles Raux, FR: Exploring the factors of urban social structure with an agent-based model


Reinhard Koenig, DE: Circle City: A model to show the interrelationships between the built structure of a city and its social organisation


 Thomas Louail, FR: Can geometry explain the socio-economical dierences between US and European cities?







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